Private training session consisting of 1-on-1 or maximum 1-on-3 athletes with a coach.

- 9 Fundamental Movements of CrossFit
- CrossFit Training Methodology
- Basic Nutrition and Wellbeing

Athletes looking to practice CrossFit and take part in the CrossFit Garuda CrossFit Class. Highly recommended for all beginner athletes.



We have a variety of different group CrossFit classes to cater to the different needs of our athletes.


This class is for those wanting to get their workout before they start their day. The programmed workouts emphasize on Metabolic Conditioning, although there are still elements of strength.


Our CrossFit Lite class caters specifically to our female athletes looking to workout in a female only environment. The program focuses on long Metabolic Conditioning workouts that result in fat loss, it also has movements targeting the gluts, abdominals and arms.


The Mid-Day Madness class is created for those that can only workout in the middle of the day. Whether this means after dropping the kids off at the school, different working ours, or the only available time in between busy schedules. The program follows the CrossFit Garuda general programming.


The Gymnastics class is created to ensure that we do not overlook this area of our training. Different to the other group CrossFit classes, this class purely focuses on the practice of gymnastics. The program emphasizes on building strength through isometric exercises as well as concentric and eccentric movements. It also focuses on improving the athlete’s mobility, flexibility and general body awareness and movement.


The METCON FIT Class is, as the name suggests, caters for those looking for a great metabolic conditioning workout. The program is structured in a way to ensure patterns of work and rest periods to create a desired response – maximising the efficiency of a particular energy system. This can mean either the Immediate energy system (Phosphagen), the Intermediate energy system (Glycolitic) or the Long Duration energy system (Aerobic).


The GARUDA EXPRESS Class is, 60 minute body weight and functional movements training that will help you sweat, burn calories and shed unwanted fats.


The CrossFit Garuda Rx class is for those looking to take on the full CrossFit experience and practice. The classes are one and a half hours long and cover a Strength or Olympic lifting portion as well as a MetCon. The class is designed to create the well-rounded athlete using the CrossFit philosophy. (Note: Despite the name of the class, it does not mean that all athletes participating in the class must do Rx, it simply means it is the prescribed programming at CrossFit Garuda and all other programs / classes are derived from this class).


The GARUDA 101 Class is, 60 minute class that focuses on specific skills: Gymnastic, Weightlifting, Endurance, Kettlebell and other skills where you will learn those specialty from basic.

1 ON 1

1 ON 1

For those athletes looking for the undivided attention of the Coach, the CrossFit Garuda coaching staff also offers 1 on 1 coaching. This allows for the Coach to program specifically for the athlete as well as give the athlete single point of attention during training. These classes are strictly by appointment only, if interested please enquire for more details!



The Open Gym is reserved for CrossFit Garuda members who wishes to workout outside of the scheduled class times. This gives athletes a chance to work on weaknesses, build on strengths, practice new skills or be flexible with their workout schedules in the event that they cannot attend any of the scheduled classes. This is only available to those athletes that have completed the Fundamentals, have practiced CrossFit in the group setting and are able to practice without supervision.

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