WOD Smart

We believe in the value of working out smart and to practice the discipline of CrossFit according to particular programs and cycles. In doing so, we can ensure that our athletes are able to effectively reach their individual fitness goals in a measureable and timely manner. As part of working out smart we also believe in “killing the ego”. We believe that the practice of CrossFit as a discipline requires one to mentally be aware when the ego arises to protect against one’s insecurities. This practice is suppose to be hard, it leaves no room for ego; we encourage athletes to be in the moment, to not over think, to practice the respect of the movement, the respect of the workout and the respect of the community.

WOD Hard

Intensity and form is one of the Core underlying values of our gym. We believe in practicing with good form and at high intensity. This practice takes discipline and presence of the mind.


Our community is like an extended family. We see our gym as a safe haven. We are building a positive and supportive culture and would like this relationship to have its effects beyond the gym.


The challenges that present itself in the practice of CrossFit should be tackled with a fun mindset. This is not to say that we do not train in a serious environment.  We reserve a level of respect for the sport and for each other, but this does not take away from the fun aspect of the practice. This is a journey we are all taking together, it should be filled with challenges but let’s take this journey in a fun manner!


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