Thursday, 11 Apr 2019

 In Work Out Of The Day


Mobility work –
Wrist stretches 4×10
Weighted arm circles x10
Weighted dislocates 2×5
Partner prone pvc overhead hold with shoulder push x10s
Lat PNF Stretch x5 then 10s
Partner bar hang arc shoulder push and hold x10
Partner straight leg seated overhead push hold with knee between shoulders x10s
Supine overhead wall hold with feet elevated 2x30s

Wall walk –
Long hollow to wall walk HS arc/hollow shapes 3×10
End to end double bent leg kick-ups

Kickup balance –
Plank arch hollow x10
Partner wall single leg tuck kickups 3×10
Partner off wall single leg tuck kickups 3×10

Partner bail practice –
Partner off wall kickup handstand balance 3 x max hold

Cooldown stretch-
Capsule stretch 30s each side
Reach underneath 30s each side

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